Why Italian Stones are so Popular

As a company that prides itself on high standards, it’s not surprising that we have such a close affinity with Italian stones. Italian natural stones, known for their elegance and beauty, are some of the best quality stones on the market. 

Join us as we explore why Italian marble is so popular and how Italians have influenced the natural stone market for decades.

Italy has a reputation spanning the globe as home to some of the best and most luxurious natural stones available. After all, they’ve been creating high-quality natural stones for a very, very long time.

History of Italian Marble

Italian marble production dates back to the Roman Empire, who can forget the ancient Roman buildings made of white stone?

While Italian marble has always been a part of Italian heritage, it didn’t become a mainstream industry until the early Renaissance period. Quarries were mostly located in the Carrara Valley, the Travertines, Botticinos and Serpeggiante.

And, Italy was one of the first countries to regulate their marble industry, create stone cutting and polishing machines, not to mention officially setting up the Office of Marble in 1564.

Famous Examples of Italian Marble

There are some great examples of Italian marble like Michaelangelo’s statue of David or Apollo and Daphne by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Of course, Italian marble was also used to create awe-inspiring buildings like the Duomo di Milano.

Four Reasons Italian Marble is So Popular

Over the years, Italian marble has become known for its high-quality, durability and beauty. But what makes it so popular?

  1. Italian marble has featured in everything from artistic masterpieces to some of the world’s oldest buildings. So, people naturally associate it with history and quality craftsmanship.
  2. With examples of Italian marble dating back hundreds of centuries, it’s relatively obvious that it can withstand the test of time and is, therefore, very durable.
  3. Italian marble is naturally associated with luxury and sophistication, which means incorporating Italian marble into your home or building is a bit of a status symbol.
  4. Italian marble is gorgeous and creates quite a striking statement of elegance and wealth.

Not Just Marble

While Italy certainly has a reputation for marble, the country also produces high-quality sandstone, porcelain and modern materials like Lapitec. We stock many natural stones from Italy. 

For example, our Lonato Porcelain comes from the town of Lonato del Garda in northern Italy. It features gentle marbling and delicate white veins that soften its grey finish to create an elegant effect. 

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