Fossil Pearl Limestone 2 Slots Linear Grille

Cranbourne Stone Ltd would like to thank Serena Swimming Pools for their photos showing our Fossil Pearl Limestone 2 Slots Linear Grille. This has been designed and created in house by our Cranbourne Team, here in Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 6JR.

Using our CNC and Waterjet Technology, this allows us to create this stylish bespoke Deck Level Grille for both indoor and outdoor swimming Pools. Whether it is a standard rectangular shape or freeform shape pool, our combined knowledge of swimming pool design, installation and natural stone allows us to create this very popular 4th addition to our Deck Level Grilles. This 2 Slot Grille is designed to move away from the original slotted grille, to create a sleek and functional Grille, without the look of a grille but with the SPATA standards in mind, keeping it both effortlessly stylish and easy to maintain.

For more details, please contact Jo on 01264810813
Email: [email protected]