Complete your swimming pool with some of our beautiful
tailor-made copings.

Set your imagination free when designing your swimming pool and let us take care of the detail. Cranbourne Stone has a wealth of experience in producing handcrafted swimming pool copings, steps and deck level grilles.

Curved and dished deck level grille

Before deciding on the design for a pool or spa, why not speak to an expert within the industry. Cranbourne Stone’s founders have years of experience in not just manufacturing stone products, but also designing and building swimming pools. Selecting the right stone type or drainage grille solution is paramount to the functionality, durability, quality, look and feel of any pool.

If you want that clean and uninterrupted look around your pool, why not let Cranbourne Stone replace those unsightly plastic access lids with a matching, custom-made lid.

Using our waterjet cutting machine we can manufacture deck box, skimmer and pit lids to fit your pool. Lids can be positioned either centrally in
the stone, or across multiple slabs.

Talk to us about pit lids as we understand the design and fitting requirements for many of the pool cover suppliers including: 

  • Aquatrac
  • Certikin – Coverstar
  • Golden Coast – Infinity
  • Ocea
  • PoolLock
  • Paramount – Aquamatic
  • Dripool – Driglide

Our bespoke services can help architects and pool builders plan and design for just about any shape of pool or spa.

Professional site surveys for large and irregular shaped applications are invaluable for capturing the right detail of any pool or spa shell. Once surveyed, the data is then processed in AutoCAD where the design process takes place. ‘Cutting files’ are then transferred to either the waterjet or CNC for machining. Experienced ‘hand finishers’ are able to add the final touches of quality workmanship and finesse.


Many of our clients are winners of the well-known SPATA awards for creating unique swimming pools using only the very best of stone products. 

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