Lapitec® is an innovative ‘full-bodied’ sintered stone with unrivalled mechanical and physical properties, making it a perfect choice for any indoor or outdoor project.

Swimming Pools

Particularly suited to swimming pool linings and swimming pool surrounds, with large format tiles and slabs available. We also manufacture three types of deck level grille – unique to Cranbourne Stone. Lapitec® will not absorb substances and is resistant against heat, stains and chemicals. It is easy to clean and will not fade when exposed to sunlight.

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Landscapes and Cladding

An ideal solution for indoor or outdoor cladding of buildings. Lapitec® is extremely resistant to bending, making it possible to apply to ventilated façades. The material will not deteriorate over time and is resistant to shocks and is completely unaffected by UV or acid rain.

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The surface of Lapitec® is entirely free of pores, it, therefore, will not absorb substances, nor will it allow mould or bacteria to form. It can be cleaned with a cloth and warm water making it an ideal material walls and floors.

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Lapitec® is highly resistant against stains and scratches caused by kitchen utensils. It is easy to clean and can be used to make shelves and drawers without the need for supports. Cranbourne Stone are able to ‘mitre bond’ surfaces together to give the appearance of a thicker material.

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Interiors –  Walls and Floors

The strong resistance to bending together with the availability of 3 thicknesses and non-slippery surfaces, makes it possible to use on large floor areas, even suspended ones.

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