Setts & Cobbles

We can provide natural stone setts and tumbled cobbles, perfect for adding another dimension to any project.

We stock a range of granite setts as well as sandstone and limestone cobbles. Complementing large paved areas with different materials can bring a project alive.

A ‘sett’ is a rock normally made from granite that has been quarried and worked into a regular shape. Historically used for paving roads, however they make a very nice addition to any landscaping project, breaking up areas and allowing curves and angles to be produced with ease.

A ‘cobble’ – in truth, is similar in size but normally rounded and derived from a naturally shaped/tumbled fragment of rock – as you would find on beaches. There is confusion when specifying setts or cobbles, but as rule of thumb, ‘setts’ are made from granite, where as ‘cobbles’ are naturally rounded, but also sold as regular shapes – made mainly from sandstone
and limestone.

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