Our services can help architects, landscapers or pool builders plan and design for just about any project - from swimming pools to complex landscapes and interiors.

Cranbourne Stone has an extensive wealth of experience in producing handcrafted products for interior and exterior applications. We understand the importance of being able to interpret our clients’ communications in order to produce the desired product.

Professional Advice

Before starting any project, why not talk to Cranbourne Stone for advice. Selecting the right product, to the right design and specification will save time and money further down the line. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right stone. Will the stone work in the environment , will it have the properties suitable for the application – strength, slip rating or resistance to staining or wear?

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Site Surveys

Professional site surveys for large and irregular shaped applications are invaluable for capturing the right detail of any project.

Once surveyed the data is then processed in AutoCAD where the design process takes place. ‘Cutting files’ are then transferred to either the waterjet or CNC for machining. Experienced ‘hand finishers’ are able to add the final touches of quality workmanship and finesse.

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Fitting Services

At Cranbourne Stone we offer a fitting service for all of our bespoke manufactured products. Why not employ our services and let us take the hassle out of fitting what can be an expensive item. Our very experienced team have the equipment and know-how.

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Free Issue Cutting

At Cranbourne Stone we have the facilities to cut and shape free issue materials for specialist projects. Why not utilise our 5-axis CNC milling and waterjet machinery. Our waterjet is capable of cutting through steel up to 150mm thick. It can cut glass, plastic, rubber and just about any rigid material that is less than 3.5 mtrs x 2,5 mtrs.

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Howard Standfield (Director of Cranbourne Stone Ltd) has expert knowledge in the building trade which includes over 20 years experience of building pools. Combined with his knowledge of working with and producing stone products for various clients, this has made his expertise a valued asset for his clients. Recent projects includes an elaborate brick design for a prestigious building in central London. The designs were set by the architect – Cranbourne Stone made it a reality.

Click here to see a case study regarding the complex brick shape produced by Cranbourne Stone.

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