5 Steps to Create the Perfect Outdoor Swimming Pool Surrounds

Creating the perfect oasis around your swimming pool

What we see when we head towards our pool area is as important as the shape, depth, size of the pool itself. Because, realistically, you’re likely to spend more time looking at the pool than being in it!

We all know the feeling of overwhelm after a busy week. And one of the best ways to combat those negative, energy-sapping feelings is to be outside. It’s where Mother Nature can work her magic, infusing us with vitamins D and E and a whole alphabet of essential goodness.

Throw in the healing powers of water and the ability to exercise in said water, and you have a winning combination of relaxation and rejuvenation.

But where to begin when creating your oasis?

Based on our extensive experience of supplying stone swimming pool surrounds and swimming pool coping stones, we’ve put together five steps to consider when creating the perfect swimming pool surrounds.

Step One: Skimmer Pool or Deck Level Grilles

If your pool is to be a Skimmer Pool (the water line is approx. 15 cm lower than the edge), you will need swimming pool coping stones. Our natural stone overlip copings have been milled out to the underside. These work well on liner pools as they cover the liner lock. Curved pieces can be made in selected natural stones.

Alternatively, if you have decided on a Deck Level pool, which allows the water to lap over the sides, you will need to look at Deck Level Grilles.

Step Two: Framing your pool

Think of your swimming pool coping as the frame to your pool. Choosing the right profile for your coping is important. And you really will be spoilt for choice with the options available! That said, a full bullnose is very popular in both porcelain and stone, for example.

We recommend you pick your swimming pool coping stone first because it’s easier to find stone paving to suit afterwards than it is to find copings.

You can decide if you prefer everything to match or opt for a complete contrast. Many of our customers prefer to carry the theme through the rest of the landscaping, matching the wall capping, steps and more.

We can also offer a completely bespoke service with our tailor-made swimming pool coping. It’s here where you can discover your inner designer and have fun!

Step Three: Style

Are you looking for a modern or traditional look? If modern, then sawn edges are a great choice. Or for a more traditional look, try tumbled or natural riven options.

For a more contemporary look, you could opt for a square edge, with a pencil round top and bottom in natural stone or porcelain.

Or for an ‘in vogue’ look that will be the envy of friends, try the Porcelain Bonded overlip. It’s not possible on curved pools, however. At the moment we’ve not mastered the art of bending porcelain. Watch this space though. Howard will never say “never”!

Roman Ends may look complicated. However, they can look stunning. A few simple dimensions are all we need to make sure the copings fit your
prefabricated or concrete step unit.

Step Four: Pool Linings

Your pool tank lining and colour, whether you prefer mosaics, large format porcelain tiles or a vinyl liner, will likely be determined by colour because that will influence the colour of the pool water.

As a rough guide, use light creams or white shades for light turquoise water. Think Mediterranean holidays. For a mid-blue shimmer use light grey, light blue tones. Again, we’re picturing the Med! For a darker, incredibly-stylish hue, use dark grey, dark green or dark blue tones.

Step Five: Don’t Forget Safety

Although this is our last point in the article, safely should be your first consideration when designing your swimming pool surrounds.

Safety covers are a non-negotiable if you have small children and there are some fantastic covers on the market, so safe doesn’t have to mean boring.

Cranbourne Stone work with award-winning pool builders to make sure that our swimming pool coping stones work with their cover systems.

Whether we have to mill out to the underside of the copings to fit your chosen cover pit lids or mill out the copings to fit the over coping channel system, we can make it work.

Sounds complicated and we may have lost you for a moment there but trust us. It is usual to use the radius corners on swimming pools with bag liners as they cover up any wrinkles in the corners of the pool. Two standard corners are available: 90° square corners and 6” radius corners.

And one more safety-related point: When paving the swimming pool surrounds of the pool externally, the paving should fall away from the pool as this will help to keep debris out of the pool.

Design Your Swimming Pool

Cranbourne Stone is delighted to be able to offer such a comprehensive and inspiring range to help make your swimming pool surrounds everything you dreamed of for your outdoor swimming pool surrounds design.

Don’t forget you can take advantage of our new Build Your Own Swimming Pool tool to get a realistic view of what your choices look like ‘in-situ’.

If you need help to choose your new swimming pool surrounds and landscaping send us an enquiry or call us now on  01264 810813, we’d be delighted to help!