Top Spring Swimming Pool Ideas

Need inspiration when building your new swimming pool this spring?

The decision to invest in a new pool (we prefer the term ‘treat yourself to’!) brings with it many choices — size, shape, materials, location.

Not least of all is the crucial decision on the overall look and how it will all gel together in one cohesive design. From the colour of the pool lining to the paving you choose, each element needs to complement the others.

What do the industry experts recommend?

There are lots of options, so you’re spoilt for choice. To help you out, we’ve been taking a look around the latest products available and talking to some industry experts.

And we’ve come up with a few ideas based on the newest trends
— so you spend less time deciding, and more time moving your project towards completion!

One of our favourite natural stone products at the moment is Fossil Grey Limestone. It has classic grey tones, a slip-resistant finish and softly tumbled edges, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor flooring and hard landscaping projects.

A bar on the edge of your pool

There’s a reason we’ve chosen to put this first. Who doesn’t love the idea of being able to offer a cold beverage to their guests when entertaining poolside?

We’re all for a cuppa, but sometimes a cocktail, beer or a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice are the only choices when the warmer weather arrives. And being able to swim to the bar to get refreshments, well, need we say more?

Our Lapitec® is an excellent choice for your bar area. It’s gently undulated and has been tumbled for a fabulous rustic, traditional look. It can be used for both indoor tiling and outdoor paving projects, so what’s not to love?

You could even look at the possibility of building an island in the middle of your pool if you have the room and the inclination.

Let’s talk about size

The size of the area you have to play with will have a significant impact on your decision making.

The good news is that plunge pools are particularly popular right now. They’re the perfect way to benefit from the natural healing powers of water and allow your friends and family to cool off from the summer sun.

Regardless of its size, your plunge pool deserves the same design considerations as a larger pool.

So think about the location, the surrounding areas and adjacent (or nearby) buildings; then aim to complement or contrast. We recommend looking at our New Porcelain Tile Range for a project like this.

Using the lighter coloured porcelain paving such as Sirimone or Awbridge Cream will create the illusion of a larger space. And by using the matching 10mm pool lining or 20mm grips in the same colours, you will create a seamless finish to your plunge pool project.

A favourite element of plunge pools is often their inbuilt seating. Even when your pool is smaller, seats can bring a social aspect to bathing.

Paving your way to paradise

We’ve noticed people are now exploring more swimming pool paving ideas. It’s unsurprising as the aesthetics of your pool area can be significantly improved if you choose the right surround to match your swimming pool.

There are alternatives to paving, of course, such as lawn or sleepers, but they can be either costly or require regular upkeep.

We often see a preference, therefore, for natural stone paving because the choices today are incredible. Not to mention, natural stone is both beautiful and hardwearing.

Caring for our environment

Environmental-friendliness is a topic the team at Cranbourne Stone is passionate about. Installing a pool does not mean you are any less informed or caring.

There are many ways to ensure you keep water usage to a minimum. Rainwater tanks can be used to top up your pool easily, for example.

Decisions made in the early stages of creating your swimming pool design can help to ensure you’re choosing an environmentally sound selection.

Some things to consider include:

  • To trap more heat in your pool, choose a south facing aspect
  • Use a dark pool lining and pool surround to hold heat for longer
  • Surround your pool with a hedge or fence to serve as a windbreak
  • Use a pool cover to retain heat and reduce any water loss
  • Ensure you use environmentally friendly sanitation products
  • Put the soil and rubble excavated from your pool build to good use elsewhere in your garden

And finally, using pool automation devices from the house to control the heating and lighting around your pool will ensure you’re more likely to switch them off when you’re not using them.

Bring your ideas to life

Once you’ve chosen your favourites from our suggestions, why not use our smart swimming pool design tool to see how your selected products will look in their surroundings.

It’s ideal for helping you make that final decision when you’re down to just a few but can’t quite decide!

And, of course, if you need help with your swimming pool design project, contact us today.