How Stone Can Transform Any Look

Stone is a timeless and naturally beautiful material. It’s tough, versatile and comes in a wide range of textures, colours and patterns, which makes it ideal for almost any style, colour pallet and preference. 

And because it’s not as commonly used as other materials, adding stone both inside and outside your hotel, pool or home can really take it from average to remarkable – transforming the space into a relaxing, calm and unique haven.

If you’re not sure where stone would fit with your dream plans, we have a few suggestions for you:

Swimming Pools

If you’ve invested time and money in having a swimming pool built for your home, you probably want it to look it’s best.

It’s a luxury after all, and you want it to feel like a luxury experience as you swim back and forth, or relax by the side and enjoy a drink with friends. 

While many people will have a basic patio surrounding their pool, believing it to be the cheaper and easier option. But if you want your swimming pool to feel like it belongs in a luxury spa, all you need to do is surround it with stone. 

Not only does this look sleeker and smarter, but you can get creative and make your pool truly unique. 

Why not introduce a natural rock fountain in the midst of the pool, or at a corner? Or beautify the interior of your pool with spectacular natural rock or coloured stone arranged into a pattern at the bottom? 

Or design your pool surroundings to match your personality with a wide range of natural,  honed and textured stone surfaces.

Natural stones bring a level of warmth and texture to your pool that can take it from a standard swimming pool to a lavish relaxation environment.


When it comes to landscaping a garden, most people will think of flowers, raised beds or winding paths through young trees.

But good landscaping is about more than the soft finishings – it’s about the hard surfaces too. Mixing stone into your landscaping can transform your garden from a very green area to a truly impressive living space.

From stone murals set into the floor of your entertaining space to neatly capped walls and pillars for a chic finish, stone can be the perfect finishing touch.

Stone allows you to define specific spaces, direct foot traffic throughout your landscaping and create additional living spaces, giving you a much wider range of options for your outdoor space than soft scaping alone.


You might be thinking ‘where does stone belong inside the home?’ – and many would agree with you.

But what if we told you that by adding some stone features to your interior, you could transform the appearance (and value) of your home?

Kitchens and bathrooms are the obvious places to start (who wouldn’t want to feel like they are bathing in a hot spring?) – but what if you could take that further?

Stone wall art can be used to create a real focal point in your home, with your own unique designs brought to life in stone.

Natural stone floors bring a rustic feel to a home, while materials like Lapitec create a smooth and shiny finish perfect for a contemporary home. When used well, stone can add the extra finishing touch you didn’t know you needed.


Kitchens are always an interesting project because they are always a unique reflection of the person who uses them the most. But when choosing finishes and materials for a new kitchen, stone isn’t always the first thing people think of – even though it can create a truly stunning space.

Worktops, splashbacks, upstands, islands and sills can all be made from (or clad in) a variety of stone, from rough natural stone to highly polished granite.

Islands made from large slabs of polished or leathered granite showcase the wonderful beauty and character of natural stone. It’s the perfect great way to add the wow factor to your kitchen, taking it from average to a work of art.

How we can help?

At Cranbourne Stone, we provide a wide range of stone to suit any project and any style.

Our experts pride themselves on their service and flexibility, working with you to decide what you want from your space before recommending and installing the right stone to achieve it.

From landscapes and swimming pools to kitchens, bathrooms and interiors, our skilled stonemasons are on hand to transform your space. If you would like to find out more, get in touch today.