How Bespoke Surrounds Will Make Your Swimming Pool Stand Out (Don’t Miss #4!)

If you are looking for paving ideas for around your swimming pool or just looking for a new pool surround to better match your pool coping stones – we have some great ideas and inspiration for you. In this article, we will share our many years of design experience as experts in swimming pool copings and pool surrounds. 

When you’re creating a swimming pool design for a client from scratch, you want to make sure it reflects their unique preferences, space and personality.

After all, that’s why they came to you for a bespoke design and didn’t just buy an off-the-shelf option.

But your job doesn’t stop when you create a unique swimming pool shape. You also need to think about everything else included, from the materials you use to how it will fit into the environment.

That includes the surrounds – and once again, there is nothing quite like bespoke.

Here are five ways bespoke swimming pool surrounds to make your swimming pools stand out:

1. Give The Natural Look

Natural swimming pools are becoming more and more popular, as people move away from the crisp, clear cut rectangles and towards more natural shapes such as free form shaped pools.

Your standard pool surroundings may not fit this design, and so could make the end result look disjointed and out of place.

With bespoke pool surroundings, you can create a seamless natural look that complements your existing, loved features or transforms the space entirely –  whichever polished look you’re seeking to create.

2. Bespoke Coping For The Perfect Finish

There are a lot of ‘finishing touches’ that go into creating the perfect swimming pool. From the material of the ladders to patterns in tiling, you want to make sure all the little details are as perfect as the big ones.

Coping is one of those things many builders, architects and designers tend to neglect, which means it often stands out or looks a bit ‘last minute’.

If you want to create a truly stunning swimming pool, bespoke coping is essential. You can even use it to form part of the design, adding a truly unique twist your clients will love.

3. Customised From Bottom To Steps

A bespoke swimming pool is both aesthetically pleasing and fully adapted to your client’s needs. That means everything from the steps, the bottom, the filtration system, the shape, the liner and the surrounds needs to be carefully thought out and selected based on that unique customer.

By adopting this approach, no two swimming pools you design will be the same, and each one will stand out in its own way.

Use the opportunity to mix and match different materials and styles in your pool surrounds and create something completely customised, complementary and truly beautiful.

4. Unique Designs To Site

The size and location of your client’s property will naturally determine the size, shape and design of their pool.

Urban sites can have strict requirements when it comes to positioning your pool near property boundaries, so you need to be aware that shading from other buildings or neighbouring trees may limit where you place the pool.

As a result, this can make some types of surround difficult, if not impossible to install. But a bespoke pool surround will take the site requirements into account, and use a variety of materials, styles and techniques to give the client the surrounds they want, regardless of site constraints.

With bespoke pool surrounds, you will become known as problem solvers who can tackle any design.

5. Meet Client Needs

If a client has chosen specific shapes and designs for the pool, they probably have a reason for it. Once you know what that is, you have the opportunity to create something really special for them.

A swimming pool that takes into account their space, style and function, and brings it all together in a pool and surrounding that truly reflects what they wanted.

So they won’t just have a pool on its own in the garden – they will have a bespoke space suited to just them. Your clients will never be happier!

How we can help?

At Cranbourne Stone, we work closely with architects, designers and swimming pool installers to help them achieve a better service for their customers.  

With our truly bespoke swimming pool surrounds service and materials, you can offer a range of swimming pools that really stand out from the competition and give your swimming pools the ‘wow’ factor.

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