Take Your Outdoor Space to the Next Level, with a Fire Pit

Most of us have fond summer memories of camping with our families, eating marshmallows around a flickering flame under a star-kissed sky.

While the idea of sleeping outside may not seem so appealing anymore, an outdoor fire pit offers the best of both worlds.

You can gather your friends around for a few drinks near the fire or help your kids create fun family memories that will last a lifetime.

Outdoor Fire pits – A Rising Trend

As well as wood porcelain and deck level grilles rising in popularity, fire pits and chimineas are quickly on the up, providing a new look to our outdoor spaces.

Whether you’re a spa, hotel or homeowner, most of us want to create stylish outdoor spaces and fire pits play a large part in establishing the right ambience. After all, they’re cosy and provide a comfortable way to spend time outside after the sun’s gone down.

With so much demand and new designs, styles and trends continually emerging, there are plenty of options to choose from. Today, you can select from simple and affordable fire pit options to custom designed fire pits and imported chimineas.

Why are Fire Pits So Popular?

Outdoor fire pits are a great addition to any back garden and offer many benefits. 

  • Happy Memories. Spend time with your friends and family outside, away from TV screens, and enjoy the beauty of fresh air and twinkling night sky.
  • Stylish Design. Fire pits, especially top-end and unique ranges, add a touch of class and stand-out appeal to your garden. With a bespoke fire pit, they can even act as the central feature. 
  • Campfire Cooking. Some fire pits come with a grill so you can cook sausages, hamburgers and steaks over the open flame. Cooking over open flame gives your meat or veg a nice, smoky flavour — and your customers or guests that holiday experience.
  • Year-Round Entertainment. You can use your fire pit at any time of year, even winter if it’s not raining.
  • Longer Days. When the days get shorter and the sun sets at 4pm, it’s easy to feel like you don’t get enough time outside.  With a roaring fire, you can spend more time outside during the winter. You’ll certainly have a new appreciation for night time.

Top 6 Safety Considerations

When using your fire pit, there are, of course, a few safety considerations worth bearing in mind. Here are our top five ways to stay safe around your fire pit:

  1. Keep it Small. You don’t need to have a roaring fire as a small one will work just as well. If your flame gets too large, it can easily get dangerously out of control.
  2. Give it Some Space. Keep your fire pit at least 3m away from your house or any other combustible item (like your gas barbeque).
  3. Check the Weather. Make sure to look at the weather forecast before starting your fire. And, NEVER start a fire in windy conditions as a spark could easily spread the fire.
  4. Have Water Nearby. You’ll want to have a bucket of water nearby in case you need to quickly put out your fire. 
  5. Never Use Liquid Fuel. It’s easy enough to start a fire using a match or firelighter. So, it’s NEVER a good idea to start your fire with gas or any other combustible liquid.
  6. Put Out Your Fire. Before you retire for the night, make sure to put out (and then double-check) that your fire is safely extinguished. Leaving it unattended could be dangerous and lead to disaster.

How to Select a Fire pit

As fire pits have become increasingly popular, buyers now have access to a full range of options. Whether you want to add a stylish decking to host your fire pit or create a bespoke back garden centrepiece, the options are limitless.

When choosing a fire pit, you’ll want to think about factors like if you want your fire pit to be permanent or portable, burn gas or wood, and your budget. It’s also important to check local laws as these may dictate your options.

Choosing a Fire Pit with Natural Stone Setting

Regardless of the type of fire pit you select, you’ll need to think about where you put it and whether there’s enough space. We highly recommend placing your fire pit on a natural stone foundation as its one of the safest and stylish options. 

Our bespoke natural stone landscaping service is perfect for those looking to create a safe spot in an atmospheric setting. We’ve worked on many similar projects, allowing you to create bespoke seating as well as a stylish foundation.

Learn more about our bespoke landscaping service here.