Top 6 Stones to Make a Design Impact

Whether you’re landscaping a garden, building a swimming pool, or renovating an interior – choosing stonework that fits your style and design preferences is vital.

We’re celebrating 15 years of working with natural stone in 2019, so we know great materials when we see them. We’ve put together six of our favourite stones which make an impressive design statement for both interior and exterior projects.

Everyone has their own personal preferences, so take a look through our top picks to find a stone that’s right for you.

1. Barton Ash Limestone

Barton Ash Limestone

Barton Ash is a gorgeous limestone, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Its lightly textured surface with sawn edges has been lovingly tumbled to achieve a wonderfully rustic and worn look. 

Subtle notes of olive come through the light-grey colouring to give a soft style with timeless appeal.

Barton ash is incredibly versatile and easy to cut into all shapes and sizes to give a bespoke finish to your project.

2. Lonato Grey Porcelain

Lonato Grey Porcelain

Sourced from Italy, Lonato Porcelain is the perfect material for achieving a refined and minimalist style.

Gentle marbling and delicate white veins run through each tile to soften its grey finish and create an elegant effect. 

Treat yourself to Lonato Porcelain, to achieve stunning bathrooms with precise wall cladding and seamless swimming pool surrounds or detailed exterior patios.

3. Georgian Antique Sandstone

Georgian Antique Sandstone

Discover this wonderful Georgian tumbled sandstone which has been appreciatively antiqued to achieve a rustic effect that’s easy on the eyes and soft to touch.

The subtle grey tones and gentle tumbled edges make this stone perfect for more traditional outdoor paving projects and swimming pool surrounds.

Create stunning landscapes with this easy-to-use Georgian Antique Sandstone, available in a range of mixed patio packs, large format single size paving and bullnose-edge copings/ steps.

4. Leckford Sandstone

Leckford Sandstone

Unearth the beauty of this elegant sandstone. Leckford Sandstone has all the charm of a traditional York stone with its buff colouring and a lightly sandblasted texture.

The stone has timeless appeal that’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects, and can be used to achieve wonderful, bespoke designs.

Plus, its lightly textured finish offers additional grip and slip-resistance, making it the ideal selection for swimming pool surrounds.

5. Sirmione Porcelain

Sirmione Porcelain

Sirmione Porcelain, from Italy, is quickly becoming a popular choice for many landscapers. With its weather-resistant properties, grippy texture, and the fact it requires almost no maintenance, it’s ideal for long-lasting outdoor paving projects.

Its light-cream colouring and soft marbling can also withstand whatever the elements throw at it, so you can enjoy a polished look for years.

6. Danebury Sandstone

Danebury Sandstone

Danebury Sandstone has hints of mint, yellow and beige give this stylish sandstone a contemporary appearance.

The clean-cut lines and honed edges of the delicately-formed tiles are perfect for precise patio work and stylish swimming pool copings.

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