We’re proud to collaborate with Stonetech, the UK’s sole distributor of high-quality, long-lasting natural stones. We partnered with them, so we could provide our customers with outstanding products like their popular deck level grilles.


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Stonetech’s natural stones are cut using fully automated and technologically-advanced machinery, which creates a high-quality finish. We’re proud of Stonetech’s production standards as this means we can guarantee a fantastic service. Whether you’re working on a commercial or residential pool project, natural stones from Stonetech will help you achieve the desired effect you’re looking for.

Now, let’s explore what makes our partner Stonetech so great and how they built a long-term relationship with an award-winning resort, Stella Island.

Over the last 25 years, our partner Stonetech has worked with Stella Island on Greece’s largest island, Crete. Stonetech helped them create a dream-worthy, unique and award-winning resort. Find out how they created this long-term relationship and contributed to building a stunning holiday escape.


What is Stella Island?


Stella Island, is a family-owned resort, offering an idyllic playground for adults looking to escape their hectic schedules and reconnect with their special someone. Based around an exquisite lagoon-style, palm-fringed swimming pool, Stella Island’s luxurious atmosphere makes it the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

Most of the resorts’ 89 beautiful rooms and villas provide direct access to this stunning wrap-around pool, one of the first of its kind in Greece and certainly the largest. And it is a pool that Stonetech helped build.


Providing the Very Best in Relaxation


Stella Island approached our partner Stonetech with the vision of creating a brand new resort that complemented and expanded upon the brand’s existing three hotels. They wanted to create a luxurious hotel and knew that quality finishes such as natural stones, would play a large part in making this dream a reality.

From the word go, Stella Island asked for the very best as they wanted guests to focus on relaxation, rest and recuperation. Its number one aim, after all, was to make sure its guests could experience a magical escape and have the best vacation of their lives.


Creating an Island Atmosphere


Stella Island’s owners wanted to create an intimate island atmosphere, where guests would feel like they were on a Greek island, rather than the mainland.

A stunning, overflow pool, containing over 1200 litres of water, would serve as the hotel’s central point and allow them to create an idyllic island atmosphere. Each room would provide direct access to the pool, allowing guests to start their days by diving straight into Stella Island’s tranquil waters.

Additionally, Stella Island’s owners further enhanced the island vibe with light, bright and white colours — and plenty of high-quality natural stones.


Our Partner Stonetech’s Hands-On Approach


Over six months, Stonetech worked closely with Stella Island to:

  • Gather and design typographic drawings and blueprints for the swimming pool, landscape architecture, bathrooms and a reception space
  • Engage with the owner and main architects
  • Make decisions about the materials and production, including choosing to use a solid block of marble for the reception desk
  • Oversee the three-month construction and creation process


Stonetech’s Choice of Quality Natural Stones


As part of this project, our partner Stonetech worked closely with the architects to make decisions about natural materials and stone colours. They listened to the architect’s ideas, like wanting to use light-based green in the bathrooms and then produced custom proposals recommending the best colour options.

The final result incorporated four natural stones, as well as exquisite granite:

  • Mocha Cream Greek marble was used for the swimming pool
  • Greek Dolomite Ikaros, an ancient mythical name for marble, was used for the front desk and reception
  • Veria green natural stones were used in the bathrooms
  • Silver Cloud marble was used throughout the resort


Creating One of the Biggest Swimming Pools in Greece


As part of the island atmosphere, Stella Island owners wanted to create a stunning overflow swimming pool that travels around the entire hotel. This pool would be one of the largest in Greece as well as Stonetech’s biggest challenge.

The swimming pool was not only impressively large but also had a free-shaped, curved design. Stonetech had to send out multiple engineers and create laser typographic drawings, blueprints and sketches to make sure the stone measurements were 100% correct.

After creating several sketches and consulting engineers, Stonetech then followed the design to cut the stones, using industry-approved machinery, with an accuracy of 1 mm. By providing such a high degree of precision, Stonetech could guarantee that the stones could be used without issue.


Happy Long-Term Clients


Stella Island’s unique design led to the resort proudly winning several awards:

      • Greek Hospitality Awards 2018
      • Best Romantic Resort Gold Award
      • Best Greek New Resort Silver Award
      • 2018 Certification of Excellence — Tripadvisor
      • Luxury Hospitality & Lifestyle Awards  — Ordained Winner

Stella Island loved the final result. So much so, that they asked Stonetech to work on a further expansion project in May 2019, known as Stella Island 2.

The Stella Island 2 project involved creating new cabanas and rooms as well as another overflow, free-shaped swimming pool.


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