As the UK’s exclusive distributor of esteemed and long-standing natural stone supplier, Stonetech, we are excited to announce that we now have their sought-after range of deck level grilles in stock — designed to create magic in your space. 


New for 2019, we stock Stonetech’s dished, linear and slotted deck level grilles in Fossil Pearl, Silver Cloud and Silver Grey varieties — with more available by special order.  

Stonetech uses its fully automated and technologically-advanced machinery for the natural stone cutting process. Prioritising high production standards to satisfy even the most demanding needs, together, Cranbourne Stone and Stonetech provide the highest quality natural stone to transform your commercial and residential pool projects.

Here, we look at one of our partner’s exciting projects, Daios Cove.

Escape to a secluded cove and discover true solace at Daios Cove, Crete. As you relax by your private pool, you’ll understand why travellers love this five-star luxury resort. 

Staying here offers bliss and relaxation in a magical surrounding. Where Crete’s rugged island landscape blends perfectly with the resort’s stunning architecture — creating a truly serene effect.

Join us as we explore the role our partner, Stonetech, played in creating this exquisite environment and the award-winning five-star Daios Cove Luxury Resort and Villas.


Water Meets Earth.


Perched high above the waters on a cliff, Daios Cove provides breathtaking views over the nearby azure blue sea. With its gorgeous location, designers intrinsically wanted to incorporate aspects of Crete’s natural beauty into the resort’s architecture. Throughout Daios, guests will find elements of water and Earth as it embraces the island vibes and landscape.

Keeping with this theme, Daios Cove required to source natural stones and Stonetech was perfectly situated to meet these requirements.


Stonetech, Daios Cove’s Island Partner.


Stonetech’s factory in Crete is only a stone’s throw from the Daios resort. Stonetech’s reputation for excellence and a customer-first approach, as well as their location, made them a natural choice for an island partner.

Plus, with Stonetech’s access to some of the most efficient machinery on the market and 80 person team, they were capable of completing such a large scale project within a tight deadline. 


Tackling an Extensive Project with Precision and Speed.


Our partner Stonetech was involved in the early stages of Daios resort and provided support as the owners built the luxury resort from the ground-up, creating hundreds of small villas and its main hotel.

As such an extensive project, Stonetech had to meet multiple, complex requirements like traditional wall cladding, custom designed bathrooms, indoor swimming pools, infinity pools and CNC work for 3D marble constructions. 

Daios remains one of the most interesting and profitable projects in Stonetech’s history and provided an ideal opportunity for the company to showcase its expertise.


A Collaborative Process


For two years, our partner Stonetech met regularly with project architects and engineers to understand requirements and identify the natural stones required, along with their safety needs, stone quantities and delivery times.

As part of these conversations, the architects decided to use Sunny limestone, Silver Cloud marble, Silver grey marble and granites to create their vision. It then sourced these stones from across the globe with Sunny limestone coming from Egypt.

Once they had sourced the materials, Stonetech used CSC, waterjet and profile machinery to cut the stones to size and create edges.


Working to Tight Deadlines


Not only was this project’s scope extensive, but it also needed to be completed within a limited window. Due to Crete’s island climate and tourist industry, construction can only occur between October to April (the low season for tourists). This timeframe gave the Stonetech team only six months to deliver.

To make this possible and effectively manage the project, they had to coordinate with many different and complex stakeholders. When construction was delayed, causing overall project delays, Stonetech had to adapt accordingly.

It was certainly a challenge, but after two years of hard work, Daios Cove was ready to accept visitors.


An Award-Winning Resort, Travellers Love


Stonetech’s owners are still frequent visitors at Daios and spend their holidays there every year. With Crete’s food, sunset and people, Daios Cove is an extraordinary experience — and other travellers agree.

  • Winner — World Luxury Hotel Awards 
  • Certificate of Excellence 2016 — Trip Advisor 
  • Winner 2016 — HolidayCheck Award
  • Winner — Spa Diamonds
  • Winner — Traveler Winner Choice Awards


Let’s Get Started


We’re proud to partner with such a prestigious brand. Our relationship with Stonetech allows us to provide outstanding customer service as well as stylish pool surrounds and deck level grilles.

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