Lapitec Deck Level Grilles


As the leading provider of natural swimming pool and spa pool deck level grilles, we’ve seen the popularity of Lapitec®, a full-bodied and almost indestructible sintered stone.

Our range of Lapitec® deck level grilles combines style and elegance with superior mechanical and physical properties including strength and durability. Pool builders and architects also favour and benefit from the ‘fit for purpose’ material, which also offers high levels of anti-slip and chemical resistance. 

Our 2x slot mono deck level grille is available in a wide variety of slip-resistant porcelain.

At Cranbourne Stone, our Lapitec® is a one-piece grille system with removable grille section, giving the look of a three-piece module, but with the structural support of the under-frame and the unique anti-rocking grille piece. The 2x slot mono deck level grille enables you to lay the grilles perfectly over a pool’s drainage gulley. 


Why Choose Lapitec® Deck Level Grilles? 

  • Perfect for Paving and Pool Cladding: Lapitec® is particularly suited to swimming pool lining and swimming pool surrounds due to its non-slip surface and high resistance against heat, pool chemicals and detergents.
  • Bio-Care Technology: Innovative technology has been developed for Lapitec® to break down and wash away organic particles which have been deposited on the surface. The special formula of titanium dioxide impregnated into the material acts as a catalyst which degrades organic matter through oxidation. This unique material is self-cleaning, making it a perfect choice for locations where a high degree of cleanliness and hygiene is required.
  • 10 Year Product Guarantee: Lapitec® is an innovative, high-performance product that is guaranteed for 10 years. Ask your Lapitec® retailer for your “Warranty card” and activate the warranty immediately.
  • A Truly Versatile Material: Lapitec® is available in 7 different finishes and 11 colours to choose from.
  • Suitable for All Projects: We have large format slabs available and are able to supply Lapitec® paving and tiles in 12, 20 and 30mm, all with up to R13 slip rating.
  • High-Quality and Long-Lasting Material: Lapitec® is impervious to the outside elements, is fade and chemical resistant, as well as non-porous and self-cleaning.
  • Cut to Size Service: As an approved fabricator, Cranbourne Stone can cut Lapitec® to size using our 5-axis waterjet and CNC machinery.
  • Expert Masonry: Our expert stonemasons can apply different edging profiles, from bullnosed steps to bonded overlip, to create a polished deck level grille finish.

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