How To Ensure Safety Around Your Swimming Pool

A pool can be a wonderful addition to your customer’s property and open up a lot of opportunities for both you and your customers.

At Cranbourne Stone, we take a ‘safety first’ attitude, which is why you,  your customers’ safety is our number one priority when designing and developing their dream swimming pool and surroundings.

Today, we’re sharing a few ways we do that, and things you should look out for when installing your next swimming pool.

Invest in The Right Materials

The right surroundings for a swimming pool can make a big difference. Not just because it will make the pool stand out and change the overall feel of the space – but because different materials have different safety rankings.

When choosing the surroundings for the swimming pool, it’s important to make sure your materials will be safe for use both wet and dry. Some stones can become incredibly slippery when wet, which can lead to accidents, while others (like wood) can rot and break away.

Some paving options can leave large cracks between stones that can cause injury, polished stone can turn your pool surroundings into an ice rink in seconds. But not all varieties of those materials will do those things.

Researching and investing in the right materials for the pool surroundings is the single most important thing you can do to ensure the safety of anyone who will be using your pool. If you aren’t sure whether you’re looking at a suitable material, or whether it’s possible to make it slip-resistant, you can always ask our team.

Signal For Safety

In commercial swimming pools, you will see safety signs everywhere you turn. From on walls and on ceilings, to the ones carved into the stone under your feet, warning you of the depth of the pool.

This is important as you do still need to make sure anyone using your pool is informed and aware. You can do this by putting up a sign with your ‘pool rules’ and pair it with more safety signs.

Our waterjet means we can create bespoke safety messages, pool depth gauges and more in the pool’s surroundings – whether it’s made of porcelain or natural stone.

These signs won’t wash or fade away and will always be there to make sure swimmers know the depth of the water they’re getting into and swimming in.

How We Ensure Your Safety

When we are creating a swimming pool surrounding for any customer, safety is our first and most important priority. That’s why we have a list of top 9 safety considerations for your pool surrounds:

  1. Testing. All of our stones and porcelain are extensively tested for slip resistance, using a pendulum test. It is performed on wet and dry surfaces, which indicates that the slip potential is very low on all of our pool copings and surrounds.
  2. Commercial pools – Our sandblasted and flamed finished pool surrounds are suitable for commercial pool surrounds.
  3. Sandblasting. Our in-house sandblasting equipment allows us to apply a slip-resistant texture to most natural stones, adding an extra layer of protection.
  4. Channel Copings. Our milled-out channel copings hold the Aquamatic, Cover star, Pool Lock and Aquatrac over-coping safety covers, meaning they will fit with all the most commonly used safety covers.
  5. Over-Lip Copings. Our bonded porcelain over-lip copings work perfectly with the Paramount Hidden Leading Edge safety pool covers, enabling you to provide safety and style.
  6. Safety Covers. Ensuring a safe covering at all times is important for any pool. We can design and install pit lids for safety covers, which can be dressed with either matching coping or milled down tiles to match your selected pool surround, so your pool is safe and beautiful, even when it’s not in use.
  7. Grip Finishing. While a grip finish is not necessarily needed on the pool tank floor and walls, we make entrance steps in a slip-resistant grip finish, with a demarcation line in a different colour to highlight the step edge, so you know exactly where you’re stepping and that you will be safe doing so.
  8. Safety Markings. Our waterjet allows us to make bespoke water depth and safety messages in the pool surround in both porcelain and natural stone.

Safety, Quality and Design

At Cranbourne Stone, we believe that a swimming pool can look amazing and keep swimmers safe at the same time.

Since 2004, we have remained dedicated to providing the highest quality swimming pool surrounds and innovations, promoting the safety and security of users at all times.

That’s why we’ve invested heavily in hi-tech machinery and stock of high-quality slip-resistant stones and porcelain.  Allowing us to produce, slip resistant pool copings and pool decking solutions, pit lids for safety covers, bespoke water depth and safety message signs in the pool surrounds.

If you would like to know more about how to ensure safety around the pool this summer, just send us an enquiry or call us now on 01264 810813, we’d be delighted to help!

For more specific safety information, we recommend downloading the Health and safety in swimming pools (HSG179) from the Health and Safety Executive website.